Hips for Life

Hips For Life The Hips for Life™ program offers treatment options for hip pain and identifies your individual needs and weakness through specialized evaluation, hands-on manual therapy and medical exercise. Our staff completed a two-day hands-on manual therapy course covering innovative treatments of hip pain. The program was developed and instructed by FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center's National Director of Clinical Education, Dr. Gavin Hamer, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, Dip MT (NZ).

After completion of the course, our clinicians became certified in The Hips For Life program and have the ability to promptly diagnosis and treat those with hip troubles ranging from the athlete to the elderly. The new approach helps to decrease pain and prevent injury through increasing strength and mobility.

People with low back pain, bursitis, arthritis, and hip replacements may see the most benefit from the Hips for Life program. In some cases, but not all, pain in the knee or low back may be a result of a hip problem. Even those who may not experience pain, but have difficulty getting up from a low-sitting position, crossing their legs, putting on shoes, or trouble sleeping comfortably on their sides could have a problem originating from the hip. Physical therapy will strengthen the muscles, reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, and allow patients to get back to those daily activities more easily.

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