Physical and Occupational Therapy Virtual Treatment Options

Our skilled therapists are here to help you, virtually! We can evaluate and treat your pain and injuries through a live one-on-one video consultation with a licensed physical or occupational therapist, getting you the therapy you need while you stay in the comfort of your home.

Telehealth is an interactive audio/visual therapy method for new or current patients that wish to continue (or establish) a therapy program but cannot attend at our clinics. While it’s not meant to completely replace in person and hands on treatment, it is a safer secondary alternative that is ideal for times like this.

How it works:

  • Call one of our clinic locations to set up your initial evaluation or if you are a current patient you can contact us to set up your virtual visit.
  • Our trained staff will be happy to verify your insurance benefits.
  • Choose an appointment slot that works with your schedule.
  • Meet with one of our healthcare providers through our HIPAA-compliant telehealth system for a comprehensive therapy session.
  • Your therapist will prescribe a personalized plan to address your pain and/or injury, and work with you through follow-up appointments, secure messaging, and provide a home exercise program with easy-to-follow videos to meet your goals.

Your health. Your choice. Whether you come into our clinic or through telehealth, we offer convenient, efficient, and effective ways to address your pain and return your body to its full functional potential. Contact us today to get started!